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History/Vision & mission


Since 1973 J.F. Harrison Inc. goals are to develop partnerships and long-term relationships with every customer, big or small.  Our commitment is unique in this industry because we are involved with our customers from beginning to end, before the installation, during and on an ongoing basis monitoring the refractory lining through its service life.

About our Company


Our company has been proudly servicing the industry for over thirty-eight years.


J.F. Harrison Inc. provides a wide array of refractory products and services as well as our expertise with construction, rebuild services and refractory materials sales.


We take pride in our quality service and safety standards.  Our skilled craftsmen are all OSHA 10 certified and Maritime Safety Certified.  J.F. Harrison Inc. has celebrated its seventh year of wining the “Perfect Safety Award” by the Milwaukee Construction Industry Council.


Our craftsmen take pride in the fact that they are trained, certified (all employees) and constantly updated in: OSHA 10 Safety, Forklift Certified, Confined Space, Lock Out-Tag Out Procedures, Respiratory Protection, Hot Work Policies, Scaffold Safety, Personal Protection Equipment and Air Monitoring.


We specialize in helping our customers reduce fuel costs and extended service life through the installations of more efficient refractory linings in furnace enclosures of all types.


J.F. Harrison Inc. installation teams provide 24-hour on call services as well as our regularly scheduled maintenance repairs for our customers.

As a Union contractor we represent a commitment to excellence!


We operate based on quality service and safety and specialize on outage turnarounds.  Our trained installation team provides 24 hour on call services as well as regularly scheduled maintenance repairs.  We service heat treaters, the aluminum industry, wood, pulp, paper and power utilities among others.


We have been proudly servicing the industry for over 38 years, contact us to see what we can do for your business!




24-Hour on call service and construction crews that are the very best in the refractory business.



Our demolitions are done by machine, robotic and by hand.  All size areas large or small.

Gunning - Hot & Cold


Gunning is the application of Monolith forming refractories by means of air placement guns.


One of our primary goals at J.F. Harrison Inc. is to extend the life of existing furnace linings.  We offer a cold clean, deslage, patching and gunning with gunning material that fits your operation.  We have extended furnace life as much as 2.5 years with this process.


Our hot gunning is for the customer that absolutely cannot afford to lose his furnace at that moment.  We will hot gun refractories into voids that are causing “hot spots”.  This type of repair usually lasts 2-6 months.


Pumpable Refractories


We offer high temperature (2700º) and low temperature (2300º) fiber based pumpable refractories to customers who have “hot spots” on their furnace enclosures.  Our pumpable refractory insulations are fluid in nature, before setting-they readily seek out and fill voids that are present behind the hot face lining.  The thermal conductivity values are equivalent to ceramic fiber so original lining heat efficiency is restored.


The pumpable materials are installed on the cold face side while the unit is on-or off line alleviating the need to seriously disrupt the working refractory lining or metal shell.


Our refractory pumpables allow for controlled crushing instead of severe cracking on moderate impact.  We also install this material with caulking guns to fill small voids and cracks in any location on the steel shell of the unit.


Pumpable refractory insulation has a wide variety of uses.  Among them reinsulating behind hot face boiler and furnace linings, insertion into refractory joints and cracks, reinsulation of burner blocks, jambs and seals, heat treating and annealing furnaces, kiln car decks, modular ceramic fiber insulation, cracks and reheat and forge furnaces.

Conventional Linings


We offer a minimum of seven (7) various refractory linings.  The refractory lining we recommend will be advantagous to your operation.


  • Seven (7) Refractory Linings
  • Brick and Special Shapes
  • Refractory Castable
  • Dry, Heat Setting Monolithics
  • Ramming Mixes
  • Gunning Mixes
  • Plastics
  • Ceramic Fiber (Blanket, Modules)

Ceramic Fiber Linings


There are basically three types of ceramic fiber linings for heat enclosures. The Ceramic Fiber Blanket Lining, the Ceramic Fiber Modular Lining and the Ceramic Fiber Board Lining.


We install all of these linings and make our recommendations according to the type of furnace and other factors.  Ceramic fiber linings offer a tremendous savings in fuel costs among other features.

Ceramic Blanket Linings


Our blanket is manufactured by the spun process (Nutec®)) and is composed of long interwoven fibers yielding a strong durable blanket for applications in a temperature range of 1000º-2700º



  • Low thermal Conductivity
  • Very Low Heat Storage
  • Very High Tensile Strength
  • Sound Absorption
  • Quick Repairs (Should lining damage occur, furnace can be cooled quickly)
  • Contains No Asbestos
  • No Curing on Dryout Time, Lining can be Fired to Operating Temperature Immediately.


Typical Applications

  • Heat Treating and Annealing Furnaces.
  • Furnace Door Linings and Seals
  • Soaking Pit Covers and Seals
  • Reheating Furnace and Ladle Covers
  • Furnace Hot Face Repairs
  • Boiler Insulation
  • Boiler Doors
  • Kiln Car Insulation
  • Veneer Over Existing Refractory
  • Commercial Ovens and Dryers

Ceramic Fiber Modules


Our ceramic fiber modules have the highest insulating value achievable in a ceramic fiber.  (Nutec®)  Each module is a compressed continuous folded blanket.  Module linings prevent heat loss and increase the furnace productivity while reducing maintenance costs.



  • Fast and Easy Installations.  (Your own employees can install modules after instructed by J.F. Harrison Inc. Personnel)
  • Lower Heat Storage and Fuel Costs.
  • An Array of Anchor Systems to Meet Customers Specifications.


Typical Installations

  • Duct Lining
  • Dryers and Ovens
  • Veneers Over Existing Refractory
  • Heat Treat Furnaces
  • Reheat Furnaces
  • Forge Furnaces
  • Ladle Preheats and Covers
  • Stack Linings
  • Soaking Pit Covers and Seals
  • Temperature Ranges for Ceramic Fiber Modules are from 2300º to 2700ºF

Ceramic Fiber Board


Ceramic Fiber Board is a lightweight refractory material processed with alumina silica fibers for applications at temperatures up to 3000º F.  Board linings are usually installed in furnaces with velocities beyond 90 feet per second.  This rigid ceramic fiber is vacuum formed and is ideal for all furnace Duct linings etc.



  • Rigid Hot Face Refractory Insulation.
  • Resistant to Particulate and Hot Gas Erosion.
  • High Strength
  • Low Thermal Conductivity
  • Very Low Heat Storage
  • Resists Most Chemical Attack
  • Easy to Cut, Handle and Install
  • Highly Resistant to Thermal Shock


Typical Applications

  • Hot Gas Duct Liners
  • Furnace and Kiln Construction (Hot face linings in conjunction with suitable back up insulation)
  • Alumina Trough Liners and Special Shapes
  • Modular Furnace Lining Systems
  • Combustion Chambers for Boilers and Heaters.



We perform any type of refractory repairs large and small.  Please call us any time, day or night, 365 days a year for scheduled repairs or emergency repairs.


Our team is ready, available and committed to quick turnarounds, flexibility and customization!



Heat Treat




Cement & Lime

Iron & Steel





We serve a wide variety of industries, contact us to find out how we can help you!


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